Recommended reading | Chairman Xi put forward the "new era" popularity burst, what is the point?

Recommended reading | Chairman Xi put forward the "new era" popularity burst, what is the point?


Explaining that What is Chairman Xi mentioned "newera"

Recommended reading | Chairman Xi put forward the

Recommended reading | Chairman Xi put forward the "#newera" popularity burst, what is the point?

Feel the warmth of people, inspired by the 19 opening, go brush your friends circle, and soon you will find that there is a popular keyword, everyone is calling for it, that is - New Era".

"People dwell on his time much better than their cool-headed parents." For centuries, Engels's famous phrase was used as a reminder of the characteristics of the times in which it lived. This famous saying actually has two meanings: on the one hand, different times always affect people with its distinctive logos and imprints; on the other hand, those times that bring profound influence to people are always remembered by people.

Today, the Chinese communists in the 19th NPC's report precisely define the new process of socialism with Chinese characteristics with the term "new era." "After long-term efforts, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and this is a new historical position for our country's development." In his report on the 19th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping made the important assertion.

Where has the "walking" of socialism with Chinese characteristics? What is the historical position of our development? These doubts once lingering in people's minds now have a standard answer: a #newera

Like the pioneer's compass, it is like an important compass for a ship and the important conclusion that "socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a #newera " has defined the latest historical process of socialism with Chinese characteristics from the dimensions of "time" and "development" The latest historical position in our country's development.

From a time dimension, at the beginning of the reform and opening up, our party has issued a great call to go its own way and build socialism with Chinese characteristics. Since the reform and opening up for more than 30 years, we have consistently implemented the party's basic theories, basic lines, basic programs and basic experiences and continuously pushed the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics to a new realm. Since the 18th CPC National Congress in particular, profound changes have taken place in the situation of the party and state in the face of the world conditions. The CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has always been optimistic and optimistic about the overall situation. No. wheel toward the other side of the light waves before the wave.

From a development perspective, our party united to lead the people of all nationalities throughout the country to make unremitting efforts to push forward China's economic, scientific and technological strength, national defense and comprehensive national strength into the forefront of the world, and to push forward the unprecedented ascension of our country's international status as well as the appearance of the party and the country The face of the people, the face of the armed forces and the face of the Chinese nation have undergone unprecedented changes. The Chinese nation is taking a brand new attitude in the east of the world.

With a set of data from the 19 major reports, the "transcript" can be a powerful indicator of development achievements. In the past five years, its GDP increased from 54 trillion yuan to 80 trillion yuan, ranking the second in the world. Its grain production capacity Reaching 1.2 trillion kilos; the urbanization rate increased by 1.2 percentage points annually on average, and more than 80 million agricultural transplanted population became urban residents; more than 60 million poor people steadily escaped poverty; the incidence of poverty dropped from 10.2 percent to below 4 percent; Both of which are more than 13 million people; the health and medical care of the people have risen sharply and the construction of affordable housing has steadily progressed ......

More satisfactory education, for example, improve the student financial assistance system, so that most urban and rural areas to increase labor force to receive high school education, more higher education; higher quality of employment and income levels, such as "insist on economic growth Realize the simultaneous increase of resident's income, realize the simultaneous increase of labor remuneration while improving the labor productivity "; and a more comprehensive social security system, such as" insisting that the house is used for living, not the position for frying "......

In the great age, we need the guidance of great ideas. Age is the mother of thought, practice is the source of theory. Based on the judgment of "a #newera," there should also be a "new theory." In the past five years, our party has made significant theoretical innovations and has shaped the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Through the unique perspective of foreign media, we may be able to see a clearer picture of the beautiful blueprint of "a new era." According to a report by the Russian Independent newspaper, the 5-year National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party decided not only for the future visible to 1.3 billion Chinese, but also for the "great rise of the Chinese nation" in the era of Mao Zedong Step forward.

The problem is the voice of the times. Contradiction is one of the common laws governing the development of things. With the entering of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, major contradictions in our society have undergone major changes: "The major social contradictions in our country have been transformed into the contradiction between the growing needs of a better life and unbalanced development."

We have no reason to hesitate, slacken and pervert, but to shoulder the historic mission of our generation. Because the major social contradictions in our country have not changed our judgment on the historical stage in which our country is socialistic, our country is still in the midst of long-term The basic national conditions of the primary stage of socialism have not changed. Our country has no change in the international status of the largest developing country in the world. Although we have entered a "#newera," we are facing a new long march on the road.

We have no reason to hesitate, slacken and pervert, but only shoulder the historic mission of our generation because, with the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the goal of basically achieving socialist modernization is far behind in 2035 and the building of a powerful socialist modern nation by the middle of this century Eager to call, the more magnificent course has just begun, the greater victory is still in front.

We have no reason to hesitate, slacken and pervert, but to shoulder the historic mission of our generation. Because the Pentium's ocean relies on the convergence of hundreds of millions of streams, resolutely and courageously following the party's footsteps and striving for the future to reach the mighty and the mighty, The other side of the dream!